Kazuma KOIKE
Born in 1980 and lives in Osaka, Japan. He spent his childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and attended a high school in Barcelona, Spain. Graduated from the Department of Sculpture, College of Art at Nihon University. He has produced ceramic sculptures, drawings, and paintings with motifs of ancient gods, pots, big cats, plants and pineapples. With the theme of “fictional ancient artifacts”, artworks created by mixing images from different places/periods have a unique floating feeling as if they do not belong to anywhere. Koike says his interests are “the state where different elements coexist in harmony” or “the processing that changes the purpose and meaning of things”.
He held his solo exhibitions at OMURO MUSEUM (Mie, 2021), AISHONANZUKA (Hong Kong, 2019, 16, 13) and TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY (Osaka, 2020, 17, 14) and participated in “End of Eden,” Galerie Wolfsen (Aalborg, 2022), “INTERSECTION,” Aishonanzuka (Hong Kong, 2022), “Cama,” Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery (Tokyo, 2021) and “Kuroobianaconda 03 Sanmaioroshi,” Tezukayama Gallery (Osaka, 2021).

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For more understanding, please check recent interview “Few words with Kazuma Koike” by BOMMA.

小池 一馬
主な展示に、私立大室美術館(三重 2021)、AISHONANZUKA(香港 2019, 16, 13)、TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY (大阪 2020, 17, 14)での個展、「End of Eden」Galerie Wolfsen(オールボー 2022)、「INTERSECTION」AISHONANZUKA(香港 2022)、「キャマ」Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery(東京  2021)、 「KUROOBIANACONDA 03 SANMAIOROSHI」TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY(大阪 2021)への参加がある。 

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