solo exhibition Neutral Palm Square
28 March - 26 April 2014
8 works, 5 tires, note, plastic weight, wheel chock, plants and white pabbles

"Arriving in a tropical country, checking into a hotel, leaving a bag, and heading out for a walk without a map. The breeze makes the coconut trees sway. A park with a palm tree, a weightlifter, a poster of some hero perhaps, and a shrine float by. Suddenly, on the opposite side of the street, a flower in a tree. 'Is that flower blooming from this tree, or is it a parasite sucking life from the tree?' This question arises but as standing there the answer is obscure. Not going there to check but instead returning to the hotel."


[Neutral Palm Square] 2013 / acrylic on cotton / 162.5×194cm

[Good old years] 2008 / watercolor and ink on paper / private collection
80.5×58.5, 80.5×58.5, 80.5×104, 80.5×58.5cm

[Bright moments] 2014 / wood, bronze, gear tie, plant, plant pot and iPod touch / 162×50x80cm / private collection

[General] 2014 / acrylic on cotton / 130.5×80cm

[Breeze] 2014 / watercolor on paper / 22 x 20cm / private collection

[Portrait] 2010 / ink on paper / 23 x 14cm

[Shrine] 2014 / watercolor on paper / 27 x 20cm

[Map] 2014 / acrylic on acrylic board / 60 ×80cm

photo:Wakabayashi Hayato